Instant Follicular Hair Unit Transplant (IFHUT), an innovative technique, involves extraction of hair follicle one by one from the safe donor area, located on the back of the scalp, and implanting them immediately after extraction. In IFHUT the FUE technique using implanters is done in a modified way where only one step is followed before implantation, resulting in the graft time out of the body to be as less as 30 seconds. The graft is immediately loaded in the implanter after extraction and implanted within a few seconds These hair follicles are by enlarge not susceptible to male pattern baldness, and are likely to grow permanently in their new location. IFHUT is a promising alternative for small sessions where extraction of hair follicles with instant direct placement is done where by the time the hair stays out of body is reduced to few seconds to one minute, improving the graft survival significantly, thus ensuring almost 100% follicles uptake resulting in a better, faster, denser growth.